Physicist Albert Einstein

Biography of The Great Physicist Albert Einstein, E = mc² Formula (1879-1955).

“I am thankful to those who said ‘no’ to me, who did not help me, because of which I did all my work myself.” This was said by a great scientist. That Great Scientist was none other than Albert Einstein. In this article, you will get some interesting facts about the great physicist Albert Einstein and information about his life-journey. Albert Einstein was a very great and well-known scientist, who use to play with his mind.

About The Great Physicist Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a very great and genius person of his era. Great Physicist Albert Einstein’s was very talented person. His talent was limitless. Albert Einstein was such a great scientist, that he has contributed so much inside math and science which hardly any scientist would have contributed that much. Some people all over the world also say that, we can divide this world into two parts, one part will be the world before the time of Albert Einstein and the other part will be the world after the time of Albert Einstein.

It is also fair to praise people so much about the great physicist Albert Einstein because, Albert Einstein is the only person who changed the science and math of the whole world. If we go to see the direct reason for this, then it will be that the great physicist Albert Einstein had given a formula.

Albert Einstein’s Famous Equation

This formula of Albert Einstein was only of three words, but this formula of the great physicist Albert Einstein was so famous that he has achieved many places in technology and science all over the world. You may also know this formula of Albert Einstein; this formula was none other than E = mc². According to great physicist Albert Einstein, the ‘E’ given in this formula E = mc², represents the energy of matter. Next, ‘m’ in this formula denotes the mass or weight of the substance.

After all, what is ‘c’ in E = mc², then ‘c’ in this formula represents the speed of light, which is an immovable value. If we talk about immovable value, then the immovable value of ‘c’ is 3 × 10⁸ m/s. Its exact value is 299,792,458 m/s. Means the value of ‘c²’ is 89,875,517,873,681,764 J/kg (9 × 10¹⁶ J/kg).

Albert Einstein Formula

Due to this formula of great physicist Albert Einstein, the definition of science was changed all over the world. And because of this formula, the thinking mindset of all the scientists had also changed. This formula is so useful that because of this formula, we remember Albert Einstein in today’s era. By remembering this formula, we can say that Albert Einstein had made a great contribution in the field of today’s science.

At the time when science was to emerge in the world, Albert Einstein invented the formula called E = mc2. Great physicist Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize in the year 1921, only after discovering Albert Einstein’s E = mc2 formula. Because of this, all of you can know that, how much importance of the formula is.

Albert Einstein was the only scientist to have published more than 300 scientific research papers. In 1999, Time magazine released the memoirs of the 100 most influential people of the twentieth century from all over the world. According to this list, great physicist Albert Einstein was declared Person of the Century by Time Magazine. This is a very honorable and special thing for them. If we discuss about the birth and life of German physicist Albert Einstein, then he was full of difficulties.

The Real Struggle of Albert Einstein’s Life

Albert Einstein was born in Germany. Despite great physicist Albert Einstein being born in Germany, Albert Einstein was under threat from the German people. Albert Einstein was in great danger from German dictator Adolf Hitler, that is why Albert Einstein came out of Germany and came to America.

After this, Great Physicist Albert Einstein made a name for himself by making a lot of progress in America and carried on with his life. But it was not so easy for Albert Einstein to pursue his life in America. There was only one reason for this, that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was behind for 20 years to catch Albert Einstein.

Let us also tell you that after the death of Albert Einstein, research on his brain was going on for a long time. We know that you will be surprised to know all this, but all these things can be true. But maybe some of this could be a rumor.

So today in this article you will know what is the truth about all these incidents of great physicist Albert Einstein, and how Albert Einstein came out fighting all these difficulties and prepared his life for a purpose to achieve great milestones in life. To understand all these events in a better way, let’s talk about 150 years ago.

Birth of Albert Einstein

About 150 years ago, when there was no electricity in the cities of Germany, and where darkness reigned after sunset, then those cities became very dangerous. At that time a great scientist came and that scientist invented the direct current. You all know that great scientist very well. The great scientist who invented the direct current was none other than Thomas Alva Edison, who created the biggest company of that decade. Due to the discovery of direct current by Thomas Alva Edison, some cities in Germany were illuminated.

Now we will talk about when and where the great physicist Albert Einstein was born. Albert Einstein was born in a city named Olm in Germany. It used to be a smaller town than any of the German cities. Hermann Einstein and Pauline Einstein were the father and mother of Albert Einstein who use to live in Olm, Germany. Hermann Einstein was a salesman and engineer.

Hermann Einstein used to supply electrical equipment to the people. March 14, 1879 was a very happy day for Hermann Einstein and Pauline Einstein. Because on this day a son took born at their house. They named that child “Albert”. This means that on March 14, 1879, in Olm, Germany, the great scientist of the time, Albert Einstein, was born.

At the time of birth, Albert’s head was too large compared to his body and was not in proper shape. Because of this, his parents were worried that Albert should not have any problem. When Helen Einstein, the mother of Hermann Einstein or the grandmother of Albert Einstein, paid attention to Albert’s head, he also felt that Albert Einstein’s head is much bigger than his body. But after few days, physicist Albert Einstein’s head slowly started coming in the right shape.

Albert Einstein’s Speech Problem

Hermann and Pauline loved their son Albert Einstein very much. As Albert grew older, parents of great physicist Albert Einstein, started to worry. Hermann and Pauline were concerned that despite the passage of time, Albert did not speak anything.

But even after this, Hermann and Pauline hoped that one day Albert would definitely speak. But with this hope, there was also a fear in the minds of Hermann Einstein and Pauline Einstein that their son Albert Einstein would not be mentally disabled.

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Albert Einstein Childhood | Goalcast

It is a matter of 1880, now Albert Einstein, the child of Hermann and Pauline , is 1 year old, and at this time Albert Einstein started speaking a little bit. Some people also said that Albert Einstein started speaking at the age of 4. And when Albert Einstein started to speak properly, the first sentence that Albert Einstein spoke was, “The Soup is too hot!”.

At that time Hermann and Pauline asked Albert why you were not speaking till now, then Albert said that, everything was going well, that’s why he didn’t spoke. This was a big problem with Albert Einstein that he could not grasp the language. And Albert Einstein has faced this problem for 9 years. Albert Einstein used to say that until he could not speak the sentence, he kept repeating the same sentence in his mind until he can grasp it.

Albert’s Life In The City of Munich.

During the year 1880, Hermann and Pauline started living in Munich, 160 km from Olm city. In the city of Munich, Albert’s father Hermann Einstein and Albert’s uncle Jakob Einstein started a company together. This company used to manufacture equipment for direct current, from the invention of Thomas Alva Edison.

When Albert Einstein was 2 years old, his sister was born at that time. Hermann and Pauline named that girl ‘Maja Einstein’. Albert Einstein was very happy to have his younger sister in his life. Albert Einstein wasn’t able to make friends quickly, so Albert Einstein lived alone for most of the time. Albert Einstein was very quiet and shy guy. Albert did not like to play much. Albert Einstein loved peace and wanted freedom in his life.

Childhood Tales of Albert Einstein

Albert used to tell his father Hermann Einstein in his childhood that, when he will grew up, he doesn’t want to join the army at all. When Albert Einstein saw army soldiers parade on the road, he was very sad. At that time, Albert Einstein felt that the soldiers of the army were not allowed to roam freely, the life of all the soldiers was tied like a machine and all those soldiers would die after the war.

Maja Einstein RS Image

Albert Einstein hated violence and war very much. Albert Einstein used to play alone, but sometimes he liked to spend time and play with his sister Maja Einstein. Albert Einstein always liked to play games that are knowledgeable so that he could learn something and get knowledge from that. Great physicist Albert Einstein loved traveling to other places and knowing about that places very much. Albert Einstein always seemed to have an affinity for nature.

The Early Life of Albert Einstein 

Many questions arose in great physicist Albert Einstein‘s mind. Sometimes he use to think about the river, the mountain and the sea. Apart from this, his mind use to raise questions on universe, such as how our universe was formed and what is the secret behind it. Gradually with these types of questions in his mind, Albert Einstein was now 5 years old.

By this age, great physicist Albert Einstein has started to speak properly. On Albert‘s fifth birthday, his father Hermann Einstein gifted a magnetic compass to Albert Einstein. Great physicist Albert Einstein was very happy to get this birthday gift. Seeing this birthday gift i.e., Magnetic Compass, Albert Einstein always used to think that why its needle always points towards North.

Albert Einstein thought that there would be something inside this compass which I do not see, but keeps this needle pulled in the north direction. Different questions of this type kept coming in Albert Einstein’s mind. After this we will learn about the events that happened in the life of physicist from 1885-1888. After Albert Einstein was 5 years old, he was admitted to the primary school called the Luitpold Gymnasium in Munich city.

Albert Einstein’s Bond With Music

Great physicist Albert Einstein‘s mother Pauline Einstein loved music very much. Pauline, Albert’s mother often played the piano. Albert’s mother Pauline Einstein wanted that her son Albert should also be interested in music and learn something inside music. Great physicist Albert Einstein‘s mother Pauline believed that music brings happiness and peace in life and removes stress from life. Thinking about this, Albert’s mother started teaching music to her child Albert through violin.

Along with this, physicist Albert Einstein also use to play the violin in school. But Albert Einstein did not like to practice playing the violin very much, Because he did not enjoy doing the same thing over and over again. In the beginning, Albert Einstein used to learn music, so he did like to know about music or play music. It has been said in his biography that Albert Einstein once threw a chair on his music teacher. But after this great physicist Albert Einstein started getting his interest in music.

Albert Einstein Musical Bond | CMUSE

After this Albert became so fond of music that, his love with music remained till the end of his life. Albert Einstein also named his favorite violin “LINA”. Great physicist Albert Einstein often sang songs written by himself. We are discussing about the great physicist Albert Einstein, so now we will know about his studies. Now we will know from where and how much Albert Einstein studied.

Albert Einstein’s School Life And Its Impact

By this time Albert was about 9 years old. After the age of 9, Albert Einstein was admitted to the Luitpold Gymnasium School. In today’s era, we know Luitpold Gymnasium School as Albert Einstein Gymnasium School. Albert Einstein did not like going to school so much, because Albert Einstein did not like the life of army soldiers at all. He use to think that a student is also a kind of soldier.

Albert Einstein was very fond of thinking openly and questioning small issues. He did not like to accept any idea or anything written in a book without understanding anything. Albert Einstein said that, we should first understand and then believe it. Whenever Albert Einstein asked his questions to his teachers, the teachers were not able to answer many of the questions, due to which Albert’s teacher got angry with Albert.

Albert Einstein‘s teachers felt that Albert always use to ask stupid questions. Because of this, his teachers did not consider him smart. Rather, he considered Albert an idiot, who kept asking stupid questions. Albert Einstein’s teacher felt that he would not be able to achieve anything in his whole life. But, Albert use to score good marks in each and every subjects.

But we all know that finally the time of physicist Albert Einstein changed and the whole world came to know how great Albert Einstein was. We all know this very well that those who have become great people have faced many difficulties in reaching that point and will continue to suffer because, achieving any great position is not that easy.

Discoveries And Inventions of Albert Einstein

“The person who never made a mistake, that person never tried anything new.” Albert Einstein said this wordings. If you understand this sentence, then all the great people who have been in the world so far have made some mistake in their life and have learned from that mistake and moved forward. In this way, what Albert Einstein said is 100% true.

Albert Einstein has played a huge role in making our era very digital and advanced. He is famous all over the world for his theory of relativity and mass-energy equation. This equation of Albert Einstein is mainly used to make nuclear bombs. Because of all these discoveries, Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Albert Einstein Accomplishments Featured
Discoveries of Albert Einstein | Learnodo Newtonic

We have told you further that, Albert Einstein was considered to be full of foolishness by his teachers. For this reason, Albert Einstein began to feel that his intelligence had not yet developed. Once upon a time, Albert Einstein asked one of his teachers how to develop his intelligence.

While answering this question, Albert Einstein’s teacher said that Practice is the key to success. Albert Einstein thought very deeply about the teacher’s point and made a firm determination in his mind that I would show the best on the strength of my practice and hard work.

After this determination, it was as if Albert Einstein’s life has fully changed. After this, Albert achieved a lot of mastery in math and science due to his hard work and dedication. He also did a lot of discoveries, which changed the whole world.

If we talk about the discovery of Albert Einstein,  than he has made many great discoveries like Quantum Theory of Light, Special Theory of Relativity, General Theory of Relativity, Avogadro’s Number, The Bose-Einstein Condensate, The Photoelectric Effect, Wave-Particle Duality, etc.

Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein

Great Physicist Albert Einstein has also played a role in the development of the information you are getting through the Internet at this time. Albert Einstein has proved that even a foolish person can do anything in this world for himself or for the world on the strength of hard work, courage and perseverance.

Albert often thought in his mind and prepared a complete plan, which was more accurate than his laboratory experiment. Albert Einstein was also offered the presidency of Israel, but Albert politely declined the offer. The American government was scared of Albert Einstein’s talent.

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Albert Einstein | GMA Networks

The US government had put some spies behind Albert Einstein because, they feared that Albert’s discoveries might be misused. If Albert Einstein’s discoveries are misused, the US government and the country can suffer a great loss. In fact, a pathologist stole Albert’s brain during Albert Einstein’s self-examination. Because he could find out how Albert Einstein was so intelligent.

Great physicist Albert Einstein devoted his whole life to the betterment of humanity and making human life easier than ever. After this, Albert Einstein said goodbye to the world on 18 April, 1955 at the age of 76. Today, through this article, you all must have come to know how great Albert Einstein was and despite all the people’s refusal, how great he made his name in the world.

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