How Does The Internet Work

How does the Internet Work? and how does internet come in your mobile?

Internet has become an inseparable part of our life. Whether it is online class, office work or watching videos, we use the internet to do anything. So today we will talk about How does the Internet Work? How does the internet reach our home? And is the internet free or not?

How does the Internet Work?

How does the Internet Work?

Now Internet means connecting all types of devices (mobile, laptop and router phones) and sending data from one device to another. Any data that is on the Internet is stored inside the Server/Data Center. Various types of data are stored inside this server such as a website, video, or audio. When we search for something on the internet, this data is transferred from the server to your mobile or computer.

How does the data come from the server to your mobile or computer?

internetSO5There are two ways to access the data from the server, one by satellite and the other by optical fiber cable.

1. Satellite

In this process satellite can be used but it goes very slow and takes more time. In this process, the first data is accessed from the server to the satellite, later the data is transmitted from the satellite to the satellite. Therefore the data signal has to travel a lot and the internet can be very slow compared to Optical Fiber Cable.

2. Optical Fiber Cable

The internet that reaches you today is only accessed by optical fiber cable. Today, a network of optical fiber cables is spread all over the world, connecting all countries and all devices. In an optical fiber cable, the Internet runs at the speed of light, and data can be accessed faster than a satellite. In optical fiber cable, Internet speeds are up to 10 Gbps (a data transfer rate up to 10 billion bits per second).

IP(Internet Protocol) Address

How does the Internet Work?

Now the question in your mind will be that if I am searching on any internet, how will the server know which mobile to send data to? So here the issue is more than the IP address, every device that we have has its own IP address, some 192.16X .X X .X something like this.

Let us understand with an example that the postman comes to your home to collect the letter, then he comes to your home address. And your home number is known as an IP address in the Internet world. Now if you do some search on the Internet, it is in the server as a request and sends that data back to your IP.

What is a DNS server?


Now you know what the internet is but there must be a question in your mind that whenever I have to go to a website, I reach its website from domain name, it does not have an IP address.

So we understand as an example, if you want to call someone, and you remember his name but do not remember his Contact Number, then if you make a Phone book / Mobile number diary, then you can use his mobile number. Can find So the phone book / mobile number diary is known as DNS server in internet world.

When you search on the browser, it goes to the requested DNS server and goes to the respective IP address and you are directly exposed to the server’s data.

So how does internet come in your mobile?


The optical fiber cable that is attached to the mobile tower is then sent to your mobile in the form of electromagnetic waves. The same concept is used inside the router. The optical fiber cable is sent to your mobile along with the router and as electromagnetic waves there.

Which company is involved in giving you internet?

The service of the Internet consists of three companies. The Internet connects the world via optical cable. When an Optical Fiber Cable has a bandwidth of 100 . It connects two countries. The whole world is connected by this type of Optical Fiber Cable.

Tier 1 company sets these cables all over the world. Now Tier 2 companies like Jio, Vodafone, Idea, etc. use the Internet in different areas of the country.

Why does internet speed decrease?

Suppose a company has installed its tower in your area and the bandwidth of that tower is 100 GB. Now suppose that operator has 20 users in that area, now the speed of each user will be 5GB / sec. In short, the more users a company has, the less speed a user gets.

Is the internet free or paid?

The internet is free, but companies that bring it to you charge you money for cable maintenance. The money received by the Tier 1 company that employs optical cable at sea is used as the cable’s maintenance.

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