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Is There Any Life Beyond Earth? 3 Important Ingredients To Make Life Possible.

When Space Science was not progressed very much and when no humans in the world were aware of space science, at that time there was a belief that our world i.e., Earth is at the center of this whole space. Apart from this, we all used to think that the Sun and other planets revolve around our earth.

In today’s era science has progressed so much that we all know what is the real existence of the earth. And apart from this, we also know that the Sun and other planets exist in the universe. So let’s know through this article, Is there any life beyond Earth?

Existence of Life Beyond Earth

In today’s era, science has progressed so much that we have got an idea that the earth is not as much as a grain of sand in front of the whole space. With the help of science, we have known that like the Sun, many other planets exist in space, around which many other planets like Earth are revolving.

Life can be made possible on all these planets. Since then, the question has started bothering us that, are we alone in this whole universe? We are all immersed in the thought that, is there any life beyond the earth or not? If there are any living beings living somewhere else on other planets, then what kind of atmosphere will there be? or how the creatures there would have looked. This question arises with excitement in the mind.

Apart from this, the question arises that, like Earth, there will be a planet where intelligent creatures like us will be living. If the living beings are living on other planet except Earth, then why we are not able to find it so far, this question is the biggest and most important, whose answer you will know through this article.

Scientists have been trying to solve all these questions for many years, but till now these questions have not been answered properly at all. We all can imagine and find the answer to all these questions. So now let’s join the team of Reader Shelf in an exciting journey through this massive world, where we will travel endlessly through this vast universe.

And we will try to find the answers to all these questions one by one. We will start this final journey from our own planet Earth. First of all, we have to know that how human life flourished on our earth and due to which, life on earth became possible.

Complex Chemistry Essential To Life

When we take a look at our planet Earth, we come to know that there are many life’s going on Earth. There are millions of species of animals and plants on earth. Apart from this, there is also an intelligent life on earth, who is reading this article, yeah! we are talking about humans. We all should know that, what is necessary to live a life on any planet. We have to know that what Earth has different from other planets that life can exist on Earth.

Is There Any Life Beyond Earth

A complex chemistry is necessary to live life. Just as we make food tasty by adding the right type of spices to our food, in the same way it is very important to have the right and necessary chemicals for our life. If we say it in simple language, then all of us are made of different types of chemicals.

This means that we are huge packages of chemicals. But you should know that this type of chemistry requires an ideal condition. If the ideal condition is said in simple language, then we need 3 ingredients, due to which any living being can live comfortably on any planet.

The Essential Ingredient To Make Life Possible.

The first essential ingredient and most important ingredient is ‘Energy’. Solar energy and geo thermal energy can be included in this ingredient. A certain amount of energy is needed for life to flourish properly on a planet. This planet should neither be too far from its star, nor should it be too close to its star. This means that a certain amount of energy can allow life to flourish on that planet.

The second essential ingredient to start life on a planet is ‘Heavy Elements’. Inside these heavy elements we can take oxygen, sulfur and carbon. To make life possible on any planet, we will need different types of chemical elements. If these chemical elements interact with each other properly, they can generate ‘Molecules’. We hope that you guys have understood about the two ingredients. Now we will talk further about the most important and the third ingredient, due to which life can be made possible on any planet.

Importance of Liquid Water

The third and most important ingredient to make life possible on any planet is none other than ‘Liquid Water‘. We all know very well this thing of science that, when there is a substance in gas form, then the distance between its atoms is very much. Because of which there is a lot of empty space inside the gas form substance. Because of this, these atoms move very fast.

Due to which these atoms are not able to interact with each other properly. If we look on the other side, when a substance is in solid state, most of its atoms are not moving at that time i.e., those atoms are stable. Due to which atoms are not able to make any molecules in the solid state.


Now let’s talk about Liquid State. So, in the liquid state, the atoms are present neither less nor more distance from each other. Due to which these atoms of liquid state not only interact with other atoms, but at the same time they also join each other to form molecules. Liquid water is considered the most ideal reason for life to flourish.

Liquid atoms interact with each other to form basic molecules. Thereafter, these basic molecules can interact with each other to form a ‘Complex Chain’. These complex chains are necessary for living life. So, from this point you must have come to know that, how important liquid water is to make our life possible.

Contribution of Liquid Water In Making Life Possible On Earth

We can find Liquid Water in this vast universe on planets that are present in the habitable zone of their star. Where it is neither too cold nor too hot, due to which the liquid water remains in the liquid form. About 4.5 billion years ago, our earth was the most favorable place for human life to flourish. On our earth, liquid water was present in liquid form for a very long time.

At that time, there were vast oceans of liquid water on our earth. And there were many cracks in the depths of these vast oceans. From these cracks, many heavy elements and many energies were coming from the core of our earth to the bottom of the oceans. Here, these basic elements came together to form the cells necessary for life and this is the reason for the beginning of life on this earth.

Gradually this basic chemistry took the form of evolution. Which evolved itself over several billion years and took the form which is today. Many years ago, when the Earth was born, what was that whole event, it is a very big question and mystery for everyone, but according to all the great scientists, these three ingredients, which are Energy, Organic Molecules and Liquid Water, that are needed to make life possible were present on Earth.

The more we all are searching about the origin of life, the more amazing things we are getting to know. During the searches, scientists have found evidence of microbial life on Earth from dangerous volcanoes, hot deserts, cold mountains, deep seas, and empty space. By which we come to know that, our life is possible even in extreme-to-extreme conditions. Earlier, we did not get to see any such possibility that this place could make life alive. But now, there is every possibility of life flourishing in such a place too.

Life Became Possible On Earth.

Scientists have come to know that the planet Earth, on which we live, was originated about 4.54 billion years ago. At the time when the Earth was born, this planet was also like a dangerous alien planet. For about 100 million years, there was an orgy of giant volcanoes and asteroids on our earth.

If someone were present at this time, he would not have recognized our planet Earth because, at that time our earth was filled with giant volcanoes and oceans of lava. But even in such a dangerous environment on Earth, life began possible slowly.

Some time passed and after that, the temperature of our earth decreased. As soon as our earth cooled down, life started in the depths of the vast oceans. The way life has been possible on Earth even in this dangerous environment, this has given hope to the scientists of today’s era that life can be made possible on any dangerous planet.

Many years after life was possible on Earth, humans have become so capable that, they have started searching for such planets where any kind of life is possible. This means that, only a few decades ago, we started searching for life in this vast universe.

Searching For Planets Where Life Exists

We know that the most important ingredient to make life possible on any planet is liquid water. This means that the planet where liquid water is present, there is the highest probability of life being possible. If we want to search for life on any other planet beyond Earth, than just we have to find out liquid water, which almost makes life possible there.

We have tried to find the presence of liquid water only a few years ago, on planets beyond Earth. But during the search for a few years, we have found many such planets, which are present in the habitable zone of their star and where liquid water can remain in its liquid state for a very long time.

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If we discuss the names of some such planets, then life can also be possible on Mars, Gliece 581G, Gliese 667 Cc, Kepler 22B, Kepler 62F, Gliece 163C, HD 40307G, Gliece 581D, Kepler 62E, Trappist 1D, Teegarden B, and K2 18B. We have come to know the names of all these planets from the discoveries of scientists. Scientists studies have shown that important ingredients for making life possible, such as liquid water and organic chemicals, are present in our universe in abundance. In such a situation, it is possible that complex life exists on any of these planets.

Only a quarter of all the stars in our galaxy have such rocky planets in their orbits, which are orbiting their stars in a habitable zone. That is, only inside our Milky Way galaxy, about 50 billion planets like Earth can exist, where life is possible.

If we talk about this vast and endless universe of ours, how many such planets are there in this universe on which life can exist, then it will take as much as billion years to count. In this universe, where life is present, such planets will be special, where a different story of life will be present. Because life must have flourished and developed differently on each planet.

The Important Ingredient For Life To Be Possible

Life on those planets could be very different from ours, which would have been made of different elements and would have been depended on resources very different from us to survive. It is not necessary that every planet in the habitable zone is habitable and there is some kind of life present there.

After many years of searching, we have come to know that, there may be many such planets, which are present in the habitable zone of their star, but due to some reason this planets are cold, or hot, or poisonous gas is present here. It may also happen that the atmosphere here is not suitable for life and its stars emit very dangerous radiation.

If we understand this with an example then it will be easy. A very good example of this is our neighboring planet, Venus. Scientists believed that the planet Venus is a suitable place for human life. Scientists believed that some life could exist there. When more investigation was done about it, it was found that the planet Venus does not have a suitable environment for life and it is full of toxic gasses. It became known to the scientists that life could not be possible on the planet Venus.

Is There Any Life Beyond Earth?

If we talk about its other aspect, then it is not necessary that life can flourish only on the planets present in the habitable zone. Moons orbiting the giant planets beyond the habitable zone and their heat can also be quite suitable for life to flourish. Not only do they get the energy needed for life from the light of their star, but the gravity of their giant planets also provides them with a lot of energy.

There are many giant volcanoes on the Moon circling the planet. Jupiter, which is the best example. The reason for this is Jupiter is having very powerful gravitational force. Jupiter‘s moon Europa and Saturn‘s moon Enceladus have all three ingredients, which are necessary for life to be possible. For this reason, it may be possible that some life exists on these moons.


Only our solar system has dozens of such Exomoons, where life like Earth can exist. By now you must have understood that how life can exist on the moon of any other planet beyond Earth. 100 trillion such Exomoons can exist only in our Milky Way galaxy. Many of these may be Exomoons, where life and liquid water are present like our Earth. After few years, time will come when life will be discovered on any other planets of the universe beyond Earth.

Life In The Universe Has Originated Before Us.

This discovery will be one of the important moments for mankind, when we will discover that we are not alone in this entire universe. But the real and mysterious story will begin when we find life on another planet in the universe beyond Earth.

Then the question of most importance will arise that, if life is a common thing in our universe, then at what stage of the story of life in our universe do we all exist? After this some such questions will come up, due to which we will have to start the whole journey of the universe afresh. Now we will get information about such planets where life can exist.

Our universe is about 14 billion years old and our galaxy, the Milky Way, was formed about 12 billion years ago. Apart from this, the origin of our earth was also about 4.54 billion years ago and about 3 lakh years ago, an intelligent species Homo Sapiens was born on the earth. That is, we are present in a very small part of the cosmic scale of this vast universe, so there is a lot of possibility that the origin of life in this vast universe has already happened on many sides.

In such a situation, there may be a possibility that the stage at which life has started before us, may be much more advanced in terms of technology and resources. That’s why it is very important for us to find out that, if there is any life in the universe before us, how many years old is it and can those creatures ever become a threat to us?

According to scientists, the first beginning of life at some end of the universe may have happened when the universe originated. If any life had started at the time of the origin of the universe, then it would have been far more advanced than us in technology and all other matters. Scientists spent many years in search of such a life. But even after many searches, we have not found evidence of any alien life.

From this article, you must have understood how vast our universe is and what are the important ingredients to make life possible in this universe. Apart from this, in this article you also got to know that, in this universe of ours, any other life beyond the earth is also possible. So now you look at our space at night, how vast and mysterious it is. Maybe someone like you is watching you from other planets.

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