Great Inventor Nikola Tesla – Father of Alternating Current (1856-1943).

Today the person we are going to talk about in this article is considered as the great hero of the times. Today in this article we will talk about The Great Scientist Nikola Tesla – Father of Alternating Current. Nikola Tesla is the one who changed the whole technology. Nikola Tesla was the person who, by researching the alternating current, set a great example in front of the whole world, that if we have passion, then we can do anything.

Nikola Tesla is a great scientist who has come back from death many times. Whenever Nikola Tesla gets into trouble, then only this vision visible in the mind of Nikola Tesla saves him. As we told you earlier, Nikola Tesla – Father of Alternating Current was very much interested in the field of science, so he often used to do different types of experiments.

About Nikola Tesla – Father of Alternating Current

All the credit goes to Nikola Tesla for everything that is running in our house today due to electricity. Due to the discovery of Nikola Tesla, today big factories, our houses, big companies are running and today’s technology is progressing further.

All the discoveries and inventions that Nikola Tesla has made are incomparable. Today in this article you will learn about Nikola Tesla, considered the great hero of the 20th century. If we go to see according to our opinion, Nikola Tesla is the person who has changed the way we live our lives.

Nikola Tesla – Father of Alternating Current was born on 10 July 1856 in Smiljan, Croatia (then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire). The day on which Nikola Tesla was born was a very stormy night. There was a loud lightning in the sky, at that time Nikola Tesla was born. Since then, perhaps God had decided that Nikola Tesla would move forward in this area. Although Benjamin Franklin officially researched electricity, Nikola Tesla has also contributed a lot to the invention of electricity. Nikola Tesla had to face a lot of difficulties while making alternative current to make electricity accessible to the people easily and for less money.

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Nikola Tesla – Father of Alternating Current‘s Father Milutin Tesla was an Eastern Orthodox Priest. According to The Great Scientist Nikola Tesla – Father of Alternating Current, it was because of his Mother Duka Tesla that there was so much intelligence inside Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla’s father Milutin Tesla wanted his son Nikola Tesla to also become a Priest, but Nikola Tesla was very much interested in science.

Nikola Tesla‘s father Milutin Tesla had built a library where Nikola Tesla used to go and study for a long time. Nikola Tesla already knew that he would discover something inside science. As we said that Nikola Tesla’s father Milutin Tesla wanted to make his son the Priest, Milutin Tesla never wanted to believe that Nikola Tesla should spend his life in the subject of science. After some time, Nikola Tesla -was diagnosed with cholera disease, due to which Nikola Tesla was left dying.

Nikola’s Admission In Engineering College

At the time when Nikola Tesla was diagnosed with cholera, his father had said that if he was cured, he would gladly allow Nikola Tesla to enroll in Engineering College. After being told so by Nikola Tesla’s father, Milutin Tesla, Nikola Tesla is cured of cholera disease and after that he is admitted to the engineering college, due to which Nikola Tesla’s whole life changes from here.

Let us tell you that Milutin Tesla had  5 children, in which Nikola Tesla was the fourth child. Nikola Tesla had three sisters named Milka, Angelina and Marica and a brother named Dane Tesla.

Nikola Tesla’s brother Dane Tesla was also very intelligent like Nikola Tesla. But unfortunately, during some incident, Nikola Tesla’s brother Dane Tesla died. According to some sources, the cause of death of Nikola Tesla’s brother Dane Tesla was horse riding. Nikola Tesla – Father of Alternating Current was only 5 years old when Nikola Tesla’s brother Dane Tesla died.

Significance of Nikola’s Vision

Nikola Tesla has told in his Auto biography that, the vision that he used to see, he was seen as a bright light, with a thumping lightning. Apart from this, this vision helped Nikola Tesla in doing his project work. When Nikola Tesla was seeing this vision, at that time he had to suffer a lot in the beginning, but after that he had controlled his mind, due to which the amount of seeing this vision was reduced.

Nikola Tesla has always credited his mother Duka Tesla for his brilliant mind. Nikola Tesla – The Father of Alternating Current went to middle school after finishing primary school. After this comes the time of Nikola Tesla’s graduation. Nikola Tesla – Father of Alternating Current is a great scientist who has come back from death many times. Whenever Nikola Tesla gets into trouble, then only this vision visible in the mind of Nikola Tesla saves him. We tell you an incident of Nikola Tesla that you will not believe.

One day, Nikola Tesla was walking around the beach. At that time, such a big wave comes near Nikola Tesla that he can drag Nikola Tesla to the sea, but at the same time a lightning strikes in Nikola Tesla’s mind and he gets a vision, Nikola Tesla got a vision at that time. In the coming vision, it is seen that you use Archimedes’ Principle.

At that time, the whole Archimedes’ Principle is visible in the mind of Nikola Tesla through this vision and Nikola Tesla leaves immediately from there. And that’s how Nikola Tesla – The Father of Alternating Current survives. Nikola Tesla – Father of Alternating Current clearly mentions in his autobiography that, due to this vision coming to his mind, he has come back from death several times..

Nikola Tesla’s Interest in Science.

As we told you earlier, The Great American Inventor Nikola Tesla was very much interested in the field of science, so he often used to do different types of experiments. Nikola Tesla in his Auto-Biography mentions about an anecdote related to fire brigades that, during the 1870s, the fire brigade was given a lot of importance. Because in today’s era fire brigade has become a common thing.

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Inventions of Nikola Tesla | Off Grid Quest

At that time a fire brigade comes around Nikola Tesla and he sees that water does not come out of that fire brigade. At that time Nikola Tesla is very young, yet he analyzes that fire brigade, and goes to that fire brigade and opens the vent, and water starts coming out from there. From this we can do that Nikola Tesla used to do some experiments from the beginning. For this reason, Nikola Tesla wanted to move forward in the field of electricity.

The Early Life of Nikola Tesla.

In 1874, Nikola Tesla evaded conscription into the Austro-Hungarian army in Smiljan by running away South-east of Lika to Tomingaj. There he explored the mountains wearing hunter`s garb. Tesla said that this contact with the nature made him stronger, both physically and mentally. He read many books while in Tomingaj and later said that Mark Twain`s work had a help the him to tu miraculously recover from his earlier illness.

His vision really had a deep impact on him. In 1875, Nikola Tesla enrolled at Australian Polytechnical in Graz, Austria, on a military frontier scholarship. During his first year, Nikola Tesla never missed a lecture, earned highest grades possible, passed nine exams. During his Second Year, Nikola Tesla came into conflict with Professor Poeschl over the gramme dynamo, then Nikola Tesla suggested that commutators were not necessary.

Nikola Tesla found a package of letters from his Professor to his father, warning that unless he were removed from the school, Nikola Tesla would die through overwork. At the end of his second year, Nikola Tesla lost his scholarship and became Addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, and gambling. During his third year, Tesla gambled away his allowance and his tuition money. He did not receive grades for the last semester of the third year and Nikola Tesla Never graduated from the university.

The Death of Nikola Tesla’s Father.

After this Nikola Tesla – Father of Alternating Current came to Maribor in 1878. And there he started working as a draftsman. Inside the city of Maribor, Nikola Tesla spent the rest of his time playing cards on the streets. After this, Milutin Tesla, the Father of Nikola Tesla, died on 17 April 1879.

However, earlier in March 1879, Nikola Tesla’s father Milutin Tesla came to Maribor and told Nikola Tesla that he would go back to his home with him. But there was always some distance between Nikola Tesla – The Father of Alternating Current and Nikola Tesla’s father Milutin Tesla, that is why Nikola Tesla refused to go with his father Milutin Tesla.

Nikola Tesla was going through a nervous breakdown during this incident of the death of his father Milutin Tesla. After the death of Nikola Tesla’s father Milutin Tesla in 1879, Nikola Tesla moved to Budapest, Hungary in 1881. After this Nikola Tesla – The Father of Alternating Current works in Budapest inside the telegraph company there. We can also call this company a telephone exchange company.

Nikola Tesla Joined Edison’s Company

After all these incidents, Nikola Tesla suddenly feels that, now is the time to go to America and work very hard for the good future ahead of him. At that time Nikola Tesla did not have much money. Nevertheless, Nikola Tesla leaves for America in 1884. At that time Nikola Tesla – The Father of Alternating Current comes to America without money, but by the luck of God, he gets the support of a scientist, and that Great Scientist is Thomas Alva Edison.

Thomas Alva Edison is considered to be the Inventor of the Bulb and the Creator of Direct Current (DC). Thomas Alva Edison used to have a very big company at that time. Nikola Tesla – The Father of Alternating Current was also very intelligent, and Thomas Edison also knew this, that is why Thomas Alva Edison immediately hires Nikola Tesla in his company.

After this, one day a Generator of Thomas Alva Edison was not working properly. At that time Thomas Alva Edison tells that, he will give $50,000 to the one who fixes this generator. Upon hearing this, Nikola Tesla repairs Thomas Alva Edison’s generator because, Nikola Tesla was very intelligent. But Thomas Alva Edison does not give him $50,000 despite Nikola Tesla repairing the generator of Thomas Alva Edison. For this reason, Nikola Tesla resigns from the Company of Thomas Alva Edison and leaves.

After Nikola Tesla leaves Thomas Alva Edison’s company, Nikola Tesla discovers Alternating Current (AC) to challenge Thomas Alva Edison’s direct current. And after this the battle of alternating current and direct current goes on till the end. We all know this thing today that, all the equipment that is running in today’s era is possible only because of Nikola Tesla’s discovery of alternating current.

The Discovery of Alternating Current By Nikola Tesla

Discovered by Thomas Alva Edison, direct current moves in a loop. For this reason, Nikola Tesla invents such a current, which can go back and forth, not in a loop. The reason for its importance is that, if an electric current can be carried back and forth, it can provide a very high amount of voltage. Nikola Tesla named this current as Alternating Current i.e., AC current.

Nikola Tesla – Father of Alternating Current

After this Nikola Tesla became popular as ‘The Father of Alternating Current’. Because everyone in the world knew that Nikola Tesla’s discovery of alternating current, Thomas Alva Edison, is much better and useful than direct current. Now let us tell you, what is more special in Nikola Tesla’s AC current than direct current.

Another special feature of alternating current is that it can travel very far. And if we go to see from the other side, while making the direct current travel, we have to install such devices at some distance which can increase its energy because, inside the direct current, there is a lot of energy.

But Nikola Tesla’s point was rejected by all, the main reason for this was that Thomas Alva Edison’s company was very old and reliable, and on the other hand Nikola Tesla’s company was recently established. Because of which people accepted the discovery of Thomas Alva Edison’s company.

Nikola Tesla’s Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing Company

Nikola Tesla needed money to run his company. But at that time no work was being given to Nikola Tesla because Nikola Tesla had left the Company of Thomas Alva Edison.

After leaving the big company of Thomas Alva Edison, Nikola Tesla – The Father of Alternating Current was facing financial problems in his life. To run his life and run his company, Nikola Tesla works as a laborer for 2 consecutive years. And then finally, In 1885, Nikola Tesla received funding for the ‘Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing Company’ And their investors asked to develop the alternating current better.

After this, in the year 1887, Alternating Current i.e., AC current is discovered by Nikola Tesla. When alternating current is discovered, after this Nikola Tesla tells the whole world about this invention. Those who had previously rejected Nikola Tesla, the same people at this time appreciate Nikola Tesla’s discovery so much that Nikola Tesla becomes very happy. People all over the world say that this discovery of Nikola Tesla cannot be ignored, due to this discovery, electricity can be sent far and wide all over the world.

Invention of Induction Motor By Nikola Tesla.

If we go to see about the second invention of Nikola Tesla, then that invention was of Induction Motor. In 1887, Nikola Tesla developed an induction motor that runs on alternating current (AC current). A Power system format that was rapidly expanding in Europe and the United States, because of its advantage in long distance, High Voltage transmission.

The motor used up polyphase current, which is generated a rotating a magnetic field to turn the motor (a principle that a Nikola Tesla claimed to have conceived in 1882). Avoiding, sparking and the high maintenance of constantly servicing and replacing mechanical brushes. Nikola Tesla‘s invention of the induction motor was also highly appreciated by the whole world.

All of you must be feeling that, now the life of Nikola Tesla has become very easy, but only after this there comes a big turn in the life of Nikola Tesla. After this time in Nikola Tesla’s life, Thomas Alva Edison was trying different ways to ruin Nikola Tesla‘s life and Nikola Tesla’s discoveries. But this is a very big incident, we have written about it in another article. Nevertheless, in this article, we have briefly explained the War of AC and DC between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alva Edison.

War Between Tesla And Edison (AC V/S DC)

In this article you have come to know about The Inventor, Visionary and Great Scientist Nikola Tesla – The Father of Alternating Current. Some people considered the Great Scientist Nikola Tesla as a fool because, at that time Nikola Tesla used to think about such experiments which were impossible. Nikola Tesla was the man who made further progress in the invention of electricity. Through this article, you will learn about Nikola Tesla’s childhood, how Nikola Tesla was in his childhood and under what circumstances his childhood passed.

After this, in this article you will get to see how there was a big fight between the two greatest geniuses of the century, Thomas Alva Edison and Nikola Tesla and what was the reason for the distance between them. At that time, there was a big war between The Great Scientists Thomas Alva Edison and Nikola Tesla.

Father of Alternating Current
Tesla vs Edison | Relecura Blog

At that time Thomas Alva Edison had a very large setup company. This company of Thomas Alva Edison used to supply Direct Current i.e., DC current because, at that time Thomas Alva Edison was expert in DC current. And on the other hand, Nikola Tesla was nothing, but Nikola Tesla was an expert in Alternating Current, that is, AC current.

But Nikola Tesla did not have a very large setup company, for this Thomas Alva Edison made a lot of efforts to beat Nikola Tesla and eliminate the technology of alternating current. You will be surprised to know this but it is absolutely true. But let us tell you that in the end Nikola Tesla wins.

In this article we have covered the importance of the vision seen by Nikola Tesla and the innovation of Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla always used to say that, he is in touch with some supernatural power which guides him to make new innovations. After this, in this article, you will also learn about how the alternating current invented by Nikola Tesla works. Now we move towards the end of this article and talk about the death of Nikola Tesla, the great scientist of an era.

Last Days of The Life of Nikola Tesla

After Wardenclyffe closed Nikola Tesla opened offices at 165 Broadway in Manhattan, trying to raise further funds by developing and marketing his patents. He went on to have offices at the Metropolitan Life Tower from 1910 to 1914; rented for a few months at the Woolworth Building, moving out because he could not afford the rent; and then to office space at 8 West 40th Street from 1915 to 1925.

After moving to 8 West 40th Street, he was effectively bankrupt. Most of his patents had run out and he was having trouble with the new inventions he was trying to develop. Nikola Tesla would walk to the park every day to feed the pigeons. He took to feeding them at the window of his hotel room and bringing the injured ones in to nurse back to health.

Death of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla’s unpaid bills, and complaints about the mess from his pigeon-feeding, forced him to leave the St. Regis in 1923, the Hotel Pennsylvania in 1930, and the Hotel Governor Clinton in 1934. In 1934, Nikola Tesla moved to the Hotel.

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Nikola Tesla | History

New Yorker, and Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company began paying him $125 per month as well as paying his rent, expenses the Company would pay for the rest of Nikola Tesla’s life. Nikola Tesla – The Father of Alternating Current died on January 7, 1943, at the Age of 86, in New York City, where he had lived for nearly 60 years. After suffering a nervous breakdown following the closure of his free energy project.

From this article, you must have come to know that how much the people of the world have appreciated Nikola Tesla‘s discoveries of Alternating Current, Induction Motor and others. For this reason Nikola Tesla i.e., The Father of Alternating Current became a Successful Inventor, Visionary and Great Scientist.

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