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What About Maharani TV Series? Is it the best and worth watching 1st?

There is always very good content to be seen on SonyLIV due to which the Maharani web series which was scheduled to release on 28th May 2021 on SonyLIV, people had high expectations from it. And this time also the Maharani web series is fantastic.

What About Maharani TV Series?

In today’s era, there is a lot of trouble in the RAM inside the mobile, and scam in the government of the country, in both of them the people give as little as they can to run. Such a story is available to us in the Maharani web series on SonyLIV Will see.

What About Maharani TV Series?
Maharani Web Series | Latest Web Series

Maharani is such a political Suspense, Thriller Web Series that we should not miss watching. The main site of Maharani web series is Bihar which is the biggest crime capital of India, which is also considered as the “Jungle of Politics”.

In this politics of Bihar, there is a Chief Minister named Bhima Bharti who loves people very much and also does many good works for the people, it seems that this Bhima Bharti is not like the rest of the politics. But Bhima Babu’s enemies are behind the life of Bhima Babu, who wants to kill Bhima Babu.

Where And When Maharani Series Available?

Maharani web series is available on Sony LIV with 10 episodes. The teaser of Maharani web series was released on 9 April 2021. The trailer of Maharani was released after 1 month, meaning on 9 May 2021. Maharani web series was officially released on 28 May 2021 on Sony Liv.

Watch Maharani Web Series On SonyLiv

Who made the Maharani web series?

Maharani Web Series is a Hindi language drama television series released in India in 2021. Which is produced by Subhash Kapoor. Maharani is directed by Karan Sharma. Naren Kumar and Dimple Kharbanda are co-producers of this web series.

This political web series is based on true-event. In 1990, when Lalu Prasad Yadav was a well-known politician of Bihar. At that time his homemaker wife Rabri Devi was succeeded by Lalu Prasad Yadav. This thing is well shown in the Maharani web series.

Maharani Web Series Trailer…

The Maharani web series is good because it has two stories running simultaneously. The first story is one that is built around family and politics, and the second story depicts the caste system. We have seen the caste system live with our own eyes, so every scene shown in the Maharani web series seems relatable to us.

The Trailer of Maharani Web Series :

In Maharani, the whole story is shown like a game of chess in which the story is between the king, queen and the people of Bihar. And there are also crimes with bloodshed and murder. In this web series, the mutual enmity going on inside the police has also been shown.

The 90s Bihar is very well captured in Maharani. The clothes, houses, fields of the people of the 90s have been shown very well. And the color tone given in Maharani is also very nice. If you have interest in political, thriller, then you can watch the Maharani web series.

What is The Main Story of Maharani Series?

In 1990, a politician named Bhima Bharti is shown handling the work of Chief Minister in Bihar. This Bhima Bharti is also known as Bhima Babu. People of his party are also jealous of this Bhima Babu. For this reason, bullets are fired at Bhima Babu and attempts are made to kill Bhima Babu.

Maharani14 Landscape Thumb3
Maharani Web Series | SonyLIV Originals

For this reason, Bhima Babu resigns and puts his wife as the Chief Minister. This time in Maharani it will be shown that in politics, how an illiterate woman among men will be able to do the work of Chief Minister.

We must have played chess game sometime or the other. Camels, horses, elephants and pawns are seen inside the chess game and you know Who is the most powerful in this game? No, you are wrong, not the king, but the most Dangerous and Deadly queen, who can walk anytime, anywhere, whenever the time comes.

Due to which the Queen not only saves the king but also kills the enemy from above. This time to watch Chess game live, you have to watch Maharani web series available on SonyLIV in which it has shown Chess game in a very good way.

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What is The Story of Bhima Bharti And His Enemies in Maharani?

In Maharani, Soham Shah is playing the role of Bhima Babu. Soham Shah’s acting makes Bhima Babu’s character very powerful, which is very good. Bhima Babu is shown in the Maharani web series as the Chief Minister who came from the backward class, who is busy making her political career in Maharani.

A total of 3 people is behind the life of Bhima Bharti. The first of which is Naveen Kumar, who is to say that he is a friend of Bhima Babu’s school, but Naveen Kumar is a rival in politics. Naveen Kumar is a known enemy of Bhima Babu. That is, if Bhima Babu is removed from the post of Chief Minister, then Naveen Kumar can become the Chief Minister directly.

Gauri Shankar Pandey is the second person behind the death of Bhima Bharti. Gauri shankar is also affectionately called Kala Naag. People have kept the name of Gauri Shankar as Kala Naag after thinking because they cheat the one who helps Gauri Shankar. On the one hand, Gauri Shankar praises Bhima Babu and on the other, Gauri Shankar abuses Bhima Babu.

Rajpal Sahib is the third man ready to kill Bhima Babu. Rajpal Sahib is the protector of Bihar who is acting as the governor of Bihar. Rajpal sahib wants to bring back his power because the governor does not have any important place in the state. Bringing the control of politics into his own hands has become the goal of his life.

One day a bullet is fired at this Bhima Babu. The reason for the attack on Bhima Babu could be his politician enemies. After shooting at Bhima Babu, he did not seem to be able to handle his chief minister’s job, due to which Bhima Babu makes his wife Rani the new chief minister of the state.

What About Huma Qureshi As ‘Rani’ In Maharani Series?

Bhima Babu did not seem to be able to handle his chief minister’s job, due to which Bhima Babu makes his wife Rani the new chief minister of the state. Because of Bhima Babu’s enemies, he does not trust any other person. For this reason, Huma Qureshi, that is, Rani becomes the new Chief Minister of the state of Bihar, who is not educated. Due to illiterate Chief Minister, people are not ready to accept Rani as Chief Minister.

After the firing on Bhima Babu, Rani will sit on the Chief Minister’s seat. This time only the name, face and gender of the Chief Minister will change but the control of running the government will still remain with Bhima Bhaiya. This is called hitting two targets with one arrow, that is, the power of Bhima Babu was also saved and the control of the government would also remain in his hands.

Is it the best and worth watching 1st?

The story of Maharani web series is based on true-incident but its characters are shown to be very different from the true incident which makes this web series good. But this web series has shown caste-violence due to which sometimes this web series can bore us. But this web series may seem very interesting to us as the Maharani web series tries to show the social reality of a time in Bihar.

Huma Qureshi, who is playing the role of Rani in the Maharani web series, explains to us the world of politics with a kitchen example, which makes us emotional.

Maharani Web Series Review
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The politics of Bihar has been shown very well in the Maharani web series. Dialogue spoken in the language of Bihar by actors is done to make Maharani good. This web series does not show only political drama, apart from this we will get to see Bihar of 1990 in Maharani web series which is shown very well which shows that Maharani has been directed by Karan Sharma very well.

The issue of casteism has also been raised by the Maharani web series. Apart from this, we will also get to see the issue of Naxalites. And the reason why Bihar is separated from India is shown in the Maharani web series.

Maharani Web Series Cast…

Huma Qureshi is playing the lead role in Maharani web series. Apart from this, in the Maharani Web Series, we will get to see great actors like Soham Shah, Amit Sial, Vineet Kumar, Kani Kusruti.

In Maharani, the character of Huma Qureshi, Rani, is shown to be very straggling. But the bloodshed shown in society makes us bored. But Amit Sial‘s acting works to make Maharani the best. Because despite being an actor, he is playing the role of politics very well.

JP Yadav of Mirzapur means that Pramod Pathak will also be seen in Maharani. And as a side actor, Pramod Pathak has done very good acting. Maharani’s lead character Huma Qureshi is shown facing Soham Shah, Kani Kushruti, Inamulhaq and Amit Sial.

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