What is a Bluetooth? And What are the advantages of Bluetooth?


Along with the development of the problem occurs on the use of electronic devices without cables. In today’s time, devices are becoming wireless. For example, a mouse or keyboard can be run on a computer without a wire. Either without wire, we can listen to the song by using earphones. So let us know what is a Bluetooth. At present, work is done by connecting Electronics devices together, one of the devices is named Bluetooth.

Bluetooth, you must have heard the name and also used it like in a laptop, in desktop, in a smartwatch, in an earphone, in Bluetooth speaker, in a headphone, and to transfer many types of files would have done, So every person is aware of Bluetooth devices. In this way, Bluetooth has become a special part of our life.

So you know how Bluetooth was invented and what are its benefits, then we will tell you how it was invented and what are its benefits.

What is a Bluetooth?

What is a Bluetooth?
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Bluetooth is a wireless device. Which can exchange files by connecting two, three, or four devices. Bluetooth uses low frequency. That is, two or more devices are connected together. Due to which a small network is formed. In Bluetooth, data is transferred over a very short distance.

This allows it to interconnect mainly at distances from 10 meters to about 100 meters. With this use, any user does not need a port, cable, or adapter, And that only provides them the community of wireless.

Bluetooth can connect to up to 7 devices at the same time. And they are mainly used in smartphones, personal computers, printers, digital keys, laptops, and gaming consoles. No matter what device it is, everyone needs to transfer data. But the most important thing in this is that to transfer data between any device, both the devices must have Bluetooth. IN these technologies, full care is taken regarding security.

The pin comes before making the connection. And that pin has to be entered into the other device. Only then does it allow data transfer.

Bluetooth was first developed in 1994 by Hartson, who was then working on the Emmen location radio system in the Netherlands, Ericsson, from where he worked on Bluetooth, and the name “Bluetooth” was Scandinavian blonland / blaten (Old Norse blaten).

It is derived from an English version but is said to have actually been named after a 10th-century king, Harald “Bluetooth” Blackant. On May 20, 1999, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) was established. It was established by Ericsson, Ericsson Sony, IBM, Intel, Toshiba, and Nokia, Bluetooth technology was developed in accordance with IEEE 802-151.

Also known as This technology has gained a lot of popularity. In 2008, only 5% of mobile devices had Bluetooth. Compare today, almost 95% of mobile devices have Bluetooth. It has five different versions, the first version was 1.1, after which came 1.2, 2.0 Plus EDR, 3.0 Plus HB, and Version 4 v5.0, there was not much speed inside version 1.1 of Bluetooth, so it was updated and its latest versions kept coming.

To use Bluetooth, the Bluetooth device available is first turned on. After this, this device finds the nearest device available and connects with it. Then a network is formed between them. After establishing the network, this device is completely ready to communicate. Now it can exchange data, if two devices in these networks move away then the network is lost. That’s why all the Bluetooth have to be in a network, all the people come in the range of Bluetooth, then a network is formed, we call that network Bluetooth.

There are mainly two elements in these networks.

1)Master 2) Slave

Master and Slave

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When Bluetooth devices are connected, one of them is the primary device and the other is the secondary device

There are mainly two types of Bluetooth technology.

1) piconet 2) scatternet

Master and Slave

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1) Piconet


piconet network is formed when a master device and one slave device or one master device and many slave devices are present in piconet there can be maximum 7 active slaves echo net can be only one master device Piconet can have only one master device Piconet has one-to-one and one-to-many devices i.e. one-to-one has one master and one slave device one-to-many has one master and one There are many slave devices.

2) Scatternet


The communication of multiple piconets is called scatternet in one piconet which is one slave device same device can act as a master device in other piconets that’s why the same device is part of two piconet but one device More than one piconet cannot have a master device The data received from the device in which the piconet is the slave can send messages to other piconets.

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What are the advantages of Bluetooth?

Advantages of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is already inbuilt in the mobile’s and desktop, apart from this, a separate Bluetooth device comes, which is connected to the mobile’s computer, it is very cheap. Bluetooth is used in various ways in today’s time, by connecting the printer to the computer, you can print from the printer, you can play the song by connecting the mouse to the computer to the keyboard to the computer and the speaker to the computer or mobile. Bluetooth is used for these connections to connect two wireless computers to send images, songs, PDF files, videos to each other’s phones by connecting two phones.


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