What Is The 5G Technology? And What Will Be Its Authentic Speed?

What Is The 5G Technology

You all know what 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, and 5g are and what this ‘G’ means. So, G means Generation. You all know about 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g. So now we know about what is the 5G technology new generation. And that’s how it works.

What Is The 5G Technology?

The fifth generation of wireless mobiles is called 5g. This 5g technology will be known as the largest wireless network technology. This technology will run even faster than the current 4G technology. There has been a lot of improvement in the 5G network.

This 5G network was supposed to be launched in 2020 but 5G network in India came in 2022 and the first rural trial of 5G in India is taking place in Ajol village of Gujarat. And it has been found to achieve speeds of 100 to 150 Mbps.

The services will be ruled out in guru gram, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Jamnagar, Gandhinagar 5G network Much more than a network of all generations. It has all the multimedia viewing in high definition as well as lots of futures like voice multimedia, streaming video, high speed internet, like etc. we will see futures.

We will see the benefits of 5g technology away from healthcare, agricultural services, safe transportation, such as 5g data plan will be Mongo. You will need a 5g phone to use 5g. Will see a lot of trouble like. But 5G network will be better than all generation network. With the advent of 5G we can drive our cars through your mobile.

We can turn on the lights in our house. So, you know how the mobile network works. Mobile network towers may be seen standing on the roof of your house or on the streets around your house. So that mobile tower works to receive or transfer your call. What happens in it? So, this tower has optical wires.

These optical wires receive or transfer data. As you call your friend, the call will go to the tower near you and send it to the optical mobile switching center in that tower and from there it will go to any network tower near the friend you called. That call will go to your friend. This is the whole process. This process takes place in a few milliseconds.

The 5G network will operate on the millimeters wave. Its frequency is 30 GHz to 300 GHz which has higher frequency. Its data transfer frequency is also high. A tower of 5G small cellular cell will be installed and they will be seen every 250 meters. This will increase the speed and at the same time it will be easier for the users to run the data.

Massive mimo for multiple outputs and multiple inputs will be installed in the tower of 5g network.4G, 3G network towers could have one tower input or output. But the 5G tower will have simultaneous input output. In 5G technology, beam forming technology will be used to deliver data to the place where more traffic will come from. Beam forming means that signal will be provided to others like beam.

What Is 1g 2g 3g 4g Technologies?

What Is The 5G Technology

1st Generation (1G)

When the first wireless phone was introduced, that technology was known as 1g. This mobile network technology was based on analogy signals. This 1g technology was first introduced in e. Used in America in 1980.

But after seven years of this technology e. Q. The logo was unveiled by a telecom company in 1987. There were many flaws in this technology. Such as data traveling speed was slow, data could not be supported, calls were being dropped, battery backup was not good, roaming system was not good and voice clarity was not good.

This technology was not good due to many shortcomings. However, 1 g was used for 13 years. Early cellular network including. 1g operated at a frequency of 900 MHz to 1900 MHz

2nd Generation (2G)

2g technology was a little different than 1g technology. And it was a higher technology than 1g. If 1g technology was based on analog signal then 2g technology uses digital signal. 2g technology was first introduced to ea. Launched in 181 in Finland.

GSM was used in 2g technology. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communication. Due to which the defects in 1g were removed through GSM. The speed of this 2g technology was around 64 kbps. This technology succeeded in transferring text mgs and multimedia messages.

And in technology the problem of dropping calls was removed. And it also had the facility of roaming. User data was protected for a while. But 2g technology was better than 1g technology. Later 2g technology was updated and GPRS was used.

As a result, technologies such as email, web browsing, upload and download speeds were updated. Due to which the battery backup of the mobile battery became better. The CDMA frequency is 850 MHz

3rd Generation (3G)

The 3G generation of wireless mobile networks was launched in 2001 by ITU (International Telecommunication Union). This technology revolutionized the world. 3g technology was more advanced than 2g and 1g.

This technology was created primarily for smart phones. Equipped with 3g technology text images, video calls, mobile televisions and features like high-speed web browser and 3D game. In 3g technology, data transfer speeds ranged from 144 kbps to 3 Mbps. It was primarily used for data transfer.

Data became more secure due to 3g technology. The speed of 3g technology was higher than 2g and 1g but 3g had higher data service charges and higher power consumption. Roaming and data and voice calls could not be done simultaneously in 3g technology and 3g smart phones were expensive. But technology technology was better and more successful than 1g and 2g.

4th Generation (4G)

4G to 4G from wireless mobile. This 4g was developed in the year 2000. But 4g was launched in 2008 for use. This 4G is completely wireless communication technology. 4g is also called mobile broadband.

4g technology is used in two ways volte and LTE. 4g has been used from 2008 till today i.e., till 2022. You will all be familiar with 4g. And you are all using 4g too. So, with the advent of 4g, many problems have been reduced.

4g is many times faster than 3g. With the advent of 4G, it also allows for online games, live streaming as well as high speed internet access. In this, high speed internet facility is available to send and receive large data and files. In this, full care has been taken for the safety of the user.

This technology supports global roaming. Some flaws are also being seen in 4G. When 4G came, 4G data plan was very expensive. But after the arrival of jio 4g, its prices were also reduced. To use 4G data, had to buy a 4G phone. Connectivity is not the same everywhere in 4g. The battery of the mobile phone also runs out soon. Because of this, you and I are still using 4G technology in developed countries.

What Is The Difference Between 5G And 4G?

5G will be faster than 4G. 4G wireless technology uses radio towers to deliver mobile phone service and internet on mobile. While 5G will work the same way but 5G will include higher radio frequencies. 5g and better radio frequency which will gives gigabytes speed in over devices at short distances and 4g gives radio signals at long distances. when you are doing web browsing, online gaming, video call, data transfer, etc.

Types of features are found in 4g network. This all features are also found in 5g network also. Along with this in 5g network you get new technology like driving a car from mobile phone. We can on/off our home lights also.

What Is The 5G Technology

According to 4g network 5g network has low latency than 4g like in 4g there is 30.70ms (milliseconds) latency are there and in 5g there are 5.20ms latency are there 5g speed is better than 100 times than 4g. 5g will give more security than 4g network and 5g will secure more data than 4g in 4g network there is only one tower which can receive data or transfer data in one tower only in 5g network tower both can works like receive data and transfer data.

Due to 5g network we can enjoy agricultural apps, body check-up apps, easily with better security for taking benefits of 4g and 5g network we have to buy 4g or 5g phones in 4g there are many technologies which are not used so we can find those technologies in 5g networks. So, the 5g is found as speediest and best as security purposes.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages of 5G Technology?

Benefits of 5G Technology

Emerging 5g networks feature lower latency higher capacity and increased bandwidth compared to 4g. 5g speed is 100 times more than 4g network.

In 5g network transmission speed goes up to 15 to 20 Gbps. So, then the speed of files, programs, remote apps are securely better.

From speed of 5g we can easily download movies, documents, etc. In less time like in 4g the time taken to download is 50 minutes than in 5g it will take only 9-10 minutes.

Due to 5g network you can drive your car from phone also and you can turn on/off your light from phone also.

Due to 5g network we get benefits in agricultural works, check-ups of our body, transportation works, etc. More securely

In 5g network there is use of massive mine, beam forming technology so that user data are used speedily and more securely.

5g network work in millimeter wave so that their frequency goes to 30GHz to 300GHz. So that data transfer and data receive speed also increase.

Some natural disasters like, Tsunami, earthquake, etc. Are known early so we all are prepared to fight those natural disasters.

Disadvantages of 5G Technology

If you have to use 5G network then you have to buy 5G phone and 5G data plans are costlier.

Mobile phones which are using 5G network have one problem like battery drains quickly and life of battery also decrease.

5G networks will works faster than 4G networks 5G network cannot travel more. So Big Budling, Trees are the factors which will decrease speed of 5G networks for those reasons they are making more towers of 5G and so 5G networks are costlier.

If 5G networks are there then only it is helpful for one street only because of coverage reasons. So for 5G networks we have to build more towers. So, it is costlier also.

Due to 5G networks it is risky for users. Hackers have got more band width power so users data will leak if the user do not operate phone legally.

Difference Between Next Generation Network And Traditional Network

Traditional Network

What Is The 5G Technology

Traditional network is based on time division multiplexing (TOM) it works on some fixed devices like switch, router, maples and ethernet switch etc. this all devices are traditional networks and are still use at school, government and offices etc. with increasing in population and users of internet day by day numbers of network also increased. so, it is very hard to manage all this network and human configuration errors.

Traditional network needs costly hardware to operate the internet so it costs more than NGN which does not require new hardware to increase network capacity.

Next Generation Networks

What Is The 5G Technology


Full form of NGN is new generation network it is packed based network used in telephone and data. it needs multiple types of bread band and services the important point. in NGN is that it can handle multiple.

Services like audio, video and multimedia in a same platform it is best from traditional network system it has changed. whole network system with NGN.

Telecommunication network which is not cable wire based. But packet based.

These packets are nothing but IP packets.

WhatsApp call, fb video call, Gmail call and chatting, all are NGN as they provide packet based data transfer and data is not of single type but audio, video, text, everything on same data packets.

Next Generation Network

Traditional Network

It uses packet switching It uses circuit switching.
In NGN bandwidth is a must and released when it is needed. In this bandwidth is reversed as it is fixed for the call.
It is cheaper than a traditional network. It is very costly.
It is IP based It is TDM based.
It is designed for intermittently data transmission. It is not based on data transmission.
We can customize or change the services and applications. It is fully depending on vendor implementation.

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